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Allergy Asthma Centre (AAC) aims to treat a wide range of allergies and all its allergy symptoms under the direct consultation, treatment and management of one of the leading allergy & asthma physician and immunotherapist Dr.Naren Pandey, years of experiences and long term cure and prevention will help you to lead a allergy and asthma free life.

Facilities By Mediland Diagnostic Institute

For some specific diagnostic and therapies facilities provided are

1.Spirometry– for the better treatment of the patient with asthma as it is one of the most affecting allergy irrespective of areas.

2.Pulmonary function test- for the measurement and evaluation of the functioning of the lungs and its capacity.

3.Allergy vaccine- for specific allergies to slowly cure or avoid the occurrence of the symptoms.

4.Immunotherapy- with the help of ultra-sound and micronized nebulizers and wide range of medicines for the treatment of different kind of Asthma

Allergies and Asthma are the hypersensitive response of the immune system of a person after being exposed to any foreign substances , this foreign substance are called allergens which causes allergic reactions and the response is called allergies . Allergies varies from person to person and for every person the allergens may also differ some most common allergens are dust , spores, pollen (allergic rhinitis), personal care items, fur feather, sunlight , and in many cases different types of foods.

Symptoms – as allergies are considered as a variable in nature therefore it varies in its symptoms too but the most common symptoms that may occurs are like

1.Running eyes and noise

2.Reddened eyes

3.Redness in skin with itching blisters


5.Asthma,which affects breathing severely and many more

Reason behind –allergies and asthmas mostly induce the production of Antibody IgE and Histamine .this two causes dilation of the blood vessels and capillaries which leads to the production of fluid in the tissue due to which the mentioned symptoms gets visible .in case of severe reaction, the blood pressure falls dramatically which leads to patient becomes unconscious and even death. This specific condition is called Anaphylactic shock.

Prevention – Allergies are unstoppable and its occurrence is unexplainable too but there are methods which helps to get relief from the symptoms of it for that first of all we should take help of the physician, identify the allergens and try to avoid them and few drugs like antihistamine, antihistons and adrenalin reducing drugs and herbal medicines under the correct guidance of the doctors mainly helps in giving relief to the patient.

Trusted allergy and asthma physician and immunotherapist Dr. Naren Pandey provides specialised care for the diagnosis and management of all types of allergies and hypersensitivities affecting lungs, skin, ear, nose, throat and stomach. Contact for expert consultation and treatment through medications and diet. Say ‘goodbye’ to allergies and ‘hello’ to a healthier life!

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