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Allergies and Asthmas are disorders which are known for their stubborn in behavior their symptoms don’t allow you to live peacefully. Therefore Allergy Asthma Centre under the supervision of one of the leading Allergy & Asthma physician and immune therapist Dr. Naren Pandey a well-recognized for his work in the country. His consultancy, management and treatment cures and prevent a wide range of allergies and allergy related symptoms with different technique like Allergen Immunotherapy / Unani, ELISA test and etc.

Allergen immune therapy / Unani detects the main reason behind the allergy and tries to cure that portion or disable the histamine production. Dr. Naren Pandey well recognized immune therapist cure these problems from root.

Allergen Immunotherapy /Unani acts at the core of the allergy process, Treating Respiratory allergies by targeting their cause. Respiratory allergies often cause symptoms that affect the nerves, eyes and throat like

2.Runny/stuffy nose
4.Red or watery eyes

These symptoms occur when the allergic patient comes in the contact with a foreign substance to the body called an allergen. Allergens are harmless to most people but few gets dramatic reactions on their body few allergens are

1.Pollen grains
2.Animal dander
4.Dust mites and etc.

Dr. Naren Pandey the best immuno therapist / Unani in Kolkata says that Allergies negatively affects daily life leading to disturbed sleep, fatigue, absenteeism and poor performance at work and at school as well as having an impact on every day or leisure activities and social relations why are we allergic?

An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system in contact with the allergen the reaction takes place in two phases –

1.Phase of Sensitization to an allergen– upon initial contact with the allergen the immune system considers the allergen as an enemy substance.

The cell in the immune system like Microphages and lymphocytes interacts and then lymphocytes produce antibodies specific to the allergen which bind to other cells known as Mast cell. These mast cells are then sensitized to the allergen. Hence end of first phase ends

2.Reaction upon repeat contact with the Allergen- this takes place which starts when allergen is encountered again the mast cell sensitized to the allergen and after recognize it

Immediate starts release inflammatory substances in order to mobilize the immune system. These inflammatory molecules are the core reason which brings these allergic reactions and symptoms in our body. And thus these give us such painful reactions and symptoms in different parts of our body

Few allergies are hereditary progressive chronic disease in nature patient prone to this type often develop sensitization to other allergens overtime allergic rhinitis ,may lead to onset of Asthma.

The biggest question comes in our mind that can we modify allergic reactions. There are two type of allergies treatments for treating allergies-

1.Symptomatic treatments- prescribed as first line treatment to relieve symptoms (In this kind of treatment the crisis is relieve)

2.Allergen Immunotherapy / Unani- also known as desensitization the only treatment to act directly on the cause of the allergy ( relieve the cause of the allergies)

Based on the same principle of vaccination’s it consists of gradually and regularly administering the allergen causing the symptoms to patients in order to induce tolerance to the allergen

Allergen Immunotherapy / Unani

1. Immune response is redirected

2. Less IgE antibodies are produces

3. Reduces allergy substances in their quantity

4. Fewer symptoms are experienced

Which can definitely cure your allergic problem if the instructions are followed well then it if for sure that you will be able to say good bye to your allergic problem and lead a healthier life.

Leading allergy & Asthma physician and immunotherapist / Unani Dr. Naren Pandey providing consultation, treatment, and management of a wide range of allergy and allergy-related symptoms. State-of- the-art facilities, best-in- class medications and years of experience. Consult for long-term cure and prevention and lead an allergy-free life!

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