Allergies are the disorders which occur just because of undesired heavy action of our immune system this is the reason why diagnosis of allergies is important for Allergy Treatment.

As because you take a powerful medicine in order to suppress your allergy you may have to suffer from weaken immune system. But this problem is no more incurable. Dr.Naren Pandey one of the leading immune therapist, Allergy and Asthma physician in Kolkata uses a full proven diagnostic steps to cure and prevent allergies.

Allergies has two types on the basis of their inheritance

1.Chronic Allergy– also known as hereditary allergy which gets transfer from one generation to another (like most common example, Asthma )

2.Normal Allergy– which occurs in a single generation and doesn’t travel further (like allergy from any pets and etc) normal allergies can grew to chronic allergies.

Dr Naren Pandey a well known allergy specialist in kolkata has the solution for both types that to in Unani way which has no negative side effects in our body after consumption of medicines and tests unlike the modern medicine. For the diagnosis of the allergy and fatal Asthma, Dr Naren Pandey asthma and allergy specialist uses methods like

1.In vivo tests

Skin tests (Prick and Intra-dermal).in which different allergens in very small quantity are placed on skin to determine the allergens.

Mucosal challenge tests (Bronchial and Nasal challenge, Double blind placebo Controlled food challenge)

2.In vitro tests

Radio allegro sorbent test (RAST) and
Enzyme linked immune sorbent assay (ELISA)
Multi-allergen screening assays.
With the help of these tests Dr Naren Pandey cures allergies in a fully facilitated clinic Allergy Asthma Centre in Kolkata.

In any disorder or problem medicine plays a very important role but on the very sometime our brain also helps us equally in order to cure us from the disorder, in Allergy Asthma Centre you will get world class atmosphere for your faster recovery and Dr. Naren Pandey being one of the most experienced doctor in this subject has the equally good knowledge in consultancy to make the patients recover quickly and happily.